Why Building Your Portfolio is a Must

A portfolio is a collection of records that reflect your skills, accomplishments and attributes. It is a way to highlight and showcase examples of your best work and experience. What you incorporate into your portfolio is not only a great way to reflect on your abilities as an individual, but also it is a useful [...]

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Why You Should Use 3-D Modeling

3-D modeling and animation holds immense scope in many industries including: real estate, construction, entertainment, gaming, advertising, marketing and publishing. Using 3-D modeling makes it possible to view a project from every angle and therefore notice any small design flaws beforehand. With this method, unnecessary costs are minimized and sale ability is improved. 3-D [...]

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Importance of a Professional Image

Oftentimes a first impression and image is what is most remembered by clients, an audience and potential employers. The saying " a photo is worth a thousand words", definitely rings true in many categories. A headshot provides employers with a glimpse of your capabilities, professionalism and attention to detail. Potential employers will not even look at [...]

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