” You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

Your mind is one of your most powerful assets.  When it works well, you can think rationally, make clear decisions, and pursue your goals with confidence. But with the distractions of modern life it is easy for your mental processes to become overworked and overloaded, leading to confusion, stress and negative thinking.

We will discuss five steps to detoxing your mind.  You will benefit from a mental workout that will give you an opportunity to rethink your goals and reassess your priorities.

Know what you want.  Liberating yourself from your “inner critic voice.”  Developing a clear vision of who you would like to be is the first step to detoxing your mind and beginning to live your life.  Set aside a few minutes to shut your eyes and imagine the person you would like to be and the life your desire.  First start thinking of what you want. Do you want to be more attractive, richer, better job, ideal life, more confident, more organized, different partner?  Then write down a description of your vision.  Is there any reason why your can’t turn it around? If the answer is “yes”  then ask yourself is the answer valid or does the blame lie within your “inner critic voice.”

Make realistic goals that you are able to work toward.  Unrealistic goals are always disheartening and will give you a sense of failure before you even begun. Most people have an inner critic in their head that pipes up every now and again, telling them that they can’t do something that they don’t deserve it, or that they are not good enough.  Although your inner critic may seem to be a negative force, it doesn’t always work against you.  Some times it may be attempting to keep you in check or protecting you from making a mistake.  Your inner critic’s intervention in some situations may not be relevant any more and could  be getting in the way of your good intentions.

Make a Plan.  Transforming your vision into reality.  Start by deciding where you need to focus time and energy.  Write the following headings. Health, Money, Relationships, Family, Career, social life, possessions, other.  Under each heading, write down everything relating to that specific area that you would like to have, to do or to be.  Review the lists and then ask yourself Am I willing to put in the physical, mental and emotional  work needed to achieve this goals? Will this goal take me toward my vision? In response to how well each goal stands up to close scrutiny, you can leave it alone, adjust it, or cross it off the list. Keep eliminating goals from your list until you have just ten left.  Make a list of all the things you would like to have, to do, or to be.


Now that you have your top ten goals to concentrate on, it is time to work out how you can detox your life and free up the time, energy and space needed to achieve them.   One way to determine the order in which you want to detox your life is to thinks about which area, once detoxed, will liberate the most time, energy, or space for you.  You could concentrate on the area that will help you realize your goals faster. To figure how to achieve your goals, take a new piece of paper and on the left hand side write down the top ten goals, then next to each goal write down the steps you think will be required to accomplish each goal and the time needed.


The conscious mind can reinforce the subconscious to produce strong results. The conscious mind, which we are aware of, is responsible for the practical, logical side of thoughts and actions. The subconscious mind controls physical functions such as breathing and circulation, and is responsible for dreaming, intuition and creativity. Just as you use your conscious ind to make plans and take actions, you can use your subconscious to build self-esteem and bring inspiration and insight.  Two ways is through visualization and self talk. Your subconscious is especially receptive to symbols or pictures and also to words you say to yourself.  For this reason, using your imagination to affirm what you want can be a powerful tool in achieving your goals. The conscious and subconscious complement each other.  Part of detoxing your mind is being clear about what you want and visualization is a powerful technique for getting your subconscious mind to work with you toward your goals.   You often use the visualization process when you think and make decisions, and you also use it at night  while you dream and when you are doing something artistic. Visualization is just another way to describe your imagination and its ability to create pictures in the mind. 


Now that you have specified your goals and worked out a strategy to achieve them, its time to devise a detox program! When you first embark on a detox regime, you will have to set aside substantial periods of time to sort out and resolve those aspects of your life that need special attention.  Its especially crucial in the case of areas that have been neglected for a long while.  For this reason,the best times to devote to your detox tasks are likely to be weekends or evenings. So take a look at your calendar and allocate the length of time you think will be necessary to focus on each element of your detox. The speed at which you work through your detox is up to you.  But the very process of going through your diary and setting aside time to detox your life shows that you have made a commitment to yourself.


An essential part of detoxing your mind is banishing unhelpful thoughts – at least for a while.  The aim of this part of the detox program is to give your mind a rest from everyday cares.   Say goodbye to your worries by meditating, having a relaxing bath, going for a walk, doing anything uplifting and relaxing will help you let go of a problem.  When you finish meditating, do something that will let your mental energy continue to flow in a relaxing way, such as watching an entertaining film or listening to music, anything that makes you happy.