Slogans and Effective Branding

Ad slogans are a vital part of any marketing plan, as they help to promote business,engage with customers and brand your company. A good slogan not only garners your customers commitment, but it also tells them what the brand stands for. Slogans should not be looked at as just an advertising ploy, they are much [...]

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Mindfulness for Anxiety

A majority of people experience anxiety in varying degrees. Anxiety can come in the form of overthinking, not being able to sit still or waiting for an answer, phone call etc. A restless mind is so intrusive it feels as if the time has stopped and you cannot focus on anything else besides your worries. [...]

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Why Building Your Portfolio is a Must

A portfolio is a collection of records that reflect your skills, accomplishments and attributes. It is a way to highlight and showcase examples of your best work and experience. What you incorporate into your portfolio is not only a great way to reflect on your abilities as an individual, but also it is a useful [...]

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Smoothies Aren’t Always a Smart Choice

Oftentimes during our day we don't find the time to eat, so we either skip a meal or settle for something quick. There are many options out there that portray to be quick healthy snacks, such as smoothies. But when you dig a little deeper you may  come to realize they are loaded with sugar [...]

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The Rise of Digital Marketing

It has been predicted that over 2.5 billion people worldwide will own a smart phone in the year of 2016. With the current smart phone explosion, businesses have better opportunities to connect with consumers in a real time, real world environment through mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is fast becoming one of the most important components [...]

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Benefits of Yoga

The main goal of yoga is to achieve a way of living that provides you with a healthy mind within a healthy body. This is achieved by reaching enlightenment and helping the individual transcend the self.  Through a series of physical and mental exercises, yoga aims at elevating the life force or 'Kundalini' at the [...]

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Importance of a Professional Image

Oftentimes a first impression and image is what is most remembered by clients, an audience and potential employers. The saying " a photo is worth a thousand words", definitely rings true in many categories. A headshot provides employers with a glimpse of your capabilities, professionalism and attention to detail. Potential employers will not even look at [...]

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