There is no quick trick in gaining followers or likes on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. While each social media platform is completely different and offers a different experience, they all entail reaching out to users and publishing great content. To grow followers, you must have a robust targeted follow strategy. This means that you follow people that are relevant to your business or interests, and you engage with them, and they follow you back. You need to think specifically about who you want to attract and what kind of information or content they would be attracted to.

Also, your posts should follow the 80/20 rule, meaning that 80% of your content you post to social media should be helpful and valuable to your audience. The other 20% can be self promotional. Even if you don’t need to promote anything right now, you will be glad you’ve built up a loyal following. Posting compelling visual content is also a powerful technique to engage your fans on social media because it allows you to express ideas quickly and effectively. Your fans are 44% more likely to engage with content on social media that contains pictures.  Long term success does not occur over night, instead slow and steady wins the race.

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