Taking yoga to the next level

Hot yoga has endless benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional well being. The class is typically 90 minutes long, consisting of 26 poses, with the room temperature at about 100 degrees.

As you enter the room, remember to embrace the heat. Breathe slowly and relax as you wait for your instructor to take the lead. You will be sweating within seconds so bring your h20 with you.

Lets discuss some of the benefits of doing yoga in a room as a hot as the Sahara.

The most obvious benefit is detoxification, the flushing of toxins from the body. You may not even realize how many toxins enter your body on a daily basis. The air we breathe, food we eat, plastic water bottles we drink from, all contain toxins. When you leave the class, whether it be your first or hundredth you will feel the difference; actually feeling lighter from the toxins eliminated from your body.

The second benefit of doing yoga in a hot room is that the heat will actually loosen your muscles allowing you to go deeper into the poses. By warming up your muscles, you will really be able to reach a new level of flexibility with every second that goes by throughout the class.

Elevated temperatures automatically increase your heart rate. This means you will burn fat as you sweat through those poses. Hot yoga is an intenser workout, but the benefits truly are endless. With those three benefits combined you will develop strength in your muscles and heart while burning calories and toning your body.

Now that we’ve discussed some physical benefits lets talk about the mental and emotional ones as well..

The heat will allow your body and mind to relax. The quiet atmosphere will be serene and your mind will have the chance to truly take a break from the world and not only hear but actually listen to the instructors voice direct you through the meditation of yoga. Hot yoga also improves your breathing teaching you how to focus your mind in and out of the classroom. Mental focus and discipline will give you a balance and stability in your life.

Here’s a few tips before you give hot yoga a shot.

Come hydrated

Don’t eat a large meal right before

Wear comfortable & breathable clothing

Don’t be late

and keep an open mind!