Your mind is one of your most powerful assets. When it works well, you can think rationally, make clear decisions, and pursue your goals with confidence. But with various distractions of modern life it is easy for your mental processes to become overworked and overloaded, leading to confusion, stress, and negative thinking. By clearing your mind, you can better focus on what you want to achieve and make an effective plan that will help you find true fulfillment.

The first step in getting your mind to work for you instead of against you is to know what you want. You must develop a clear vision of who you would like to be so you can begin living the life you want. A major part of this step is to handle your inner critic. First set aside a few minutes and figure out what fulfillment and success mean to you. Once you have finished thinking about your ideal self, write down a description of your vision. Is there any reason why you can’t turn your self into the person you want to be and create the lifestyle you seek? If the answer is yes, ask yourself if the reason is valid. If it is not a valid reason, it may be your inner critic.

Most people have an inner critic in their head that tells them that they can’t do something, that they don’t deserve it, or that they are not good enough. The views of your inner critic are not always up to date and can be acting in accordance with habits acquired in childhood or in response to comments made by other people. You must keep your inner critic in check. Whenever you hear the voice in your head saying you cant do something, say silently to yourself “Stop” and replace the message with a positive statement. By incorporating these simple steps into your daily life, you can rewire your brain and gradually become more positive.

Healthy body, healthy mind, happy soul !