Do you believe you are a lucky person ? Or are you the type of person who never wins raffles or gets no matching Powerball numbers ? According to psychological research, it has been discovered that luck is all in your head and not just a random chance dictated by the world. You can make yourself a slightly luckier person by changing your rational perspective of achievement in the world. Many of us have been taught that the world is a cold place where to reach achievements you have to put in hard solid work. Lucky people are often extroverts, with a large social group and no fear of social interaction. With their openness and enthusiasm they are at a greater likelihood that they will have fortuitous conversations or strike up acquaintances that turn out to be “lucky”. Lucky people also have open positive body language which draws people in and making them more inclined to form social connections. Lucky people also say “Yes” to risks, thus they grab opportunities when they are available. One of the most importance traits of lucky people is their positivity. They always have positive expectations and believe that good things will happen to them. By  adopting common traits of lucky people, you can change your mindset and achieve more luck.

Healthy body, healthy mind, happy soul !