What is a Media Kit?

If you’re not acquainted with what a media kit is, it is basically a several page document that businesses use to promote themselves and sell their services or products to prospective clients. A well polished media kit can be the world of a difference in your marketing.

You must understand when making a media kit that it can seem very tedious and tricky. This is because there truly is no set formula or equation to making these documents. To us, that is the beauty of it. It is about digging deep and understanding your clients needs and meeting them. The ingredients in a media kit for a hair salon won’t be the same ingredients used for a solar energy company.

A media kit is the best way to showcase your business’s style, personalty, and values. Your intro and mission statement will be a staple of a media kit. The logo, layout, and color scheme will give your prospective customers the feel of your business. Don’t stop there. Gather statistics and testimonials that represent your business. When you’re ready to wrap it up, end it strong! Leave the prospective customers itching for more of you.

Media kits are becoming a platform for today’s marketing. Some of the extra characteristics we include when putting together a media kit, but most certainly are not limited to are..




Business cards


Sales Decks


and so much more!